Job Title: Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Followed my contract position at U-Dox with a fixed-term 12-month contract at the Central Office of Information. This was a more traditional online advertising role, responsible for delivering key paid advertising campaign assets.

Key Achievements
> Restructured U-dox Ltd. creating new processes and procedures following analysis of Human Relations processes, management processes and organisational charts. Increased capability to meet client deadlines from 6/10 to 9/10 of projects.
> Utilised team’s strengths to successfully deliver key adidas Originals campaigns, including the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 07 online campaigns, three simultaneous campaign website launches and integrated online media banner campaigns.
Skills: Customer Acquisition · Communication · Change Management · Revenue & Profit Growth · Strategic Planning · Digital Strategy · Marketing Strategy · Digital Transformation · Product Development · Online Marketing · Digital Marketing · Marketing Communications · Social Media · Project Management · Digital Project Management · Analytical Skills · Team Management · Management · Interpersonal Skills · Team Leadership · Problem Solving

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