Job Title: Senior Internet Marketing Manager
adidas is one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world with a global business worth over 15.5bn.
Moved to Herzogenaurach, Germany in a dream move to work for adidas at their Headquarters. A young and vibrant environment provided opportunities for working on major global projects from a young age, travelling throughout Europe and North America and leveraging the power of major Marketing Agencies. A personal highlight was playing football with Leo Messi and meeting both Jonah Lomu and Mohammed Ali before they passed.
Key Achievements:
> Key component of the team delivering strategic marketing themes for adidas during the FIFA World Cup 2006, integrating products, athletes and different media channels to produce an integrated campaign with global relevance.
> Began by studying behaviours, trends and value systems of young people interested in sports to develop highly focused marketing strategies.
> Integrated online advertising with global partners such as Yahoo and MSN along with product campaigns through TV, print advertising and PR to ensure optimal campaign resonance with the target audience, and maximum drive through to the website.
> As a result of these efforts, site traffic tripled to 1.5 million visits globally per month and return visits increased five-fold to 500,000 returning visitors per month on average.
> Accurately managed a budget of over €3 million over two years for football-related online activities. 
Skills: Customer Acquisition · Communication · Revenue & Profit Growth · Strategic Partnerships · Strategic Planning · Digital Strategy · Marketing Strategy · Product Development · Online Marketing · Digital Marketing · Marketing Communications · Social Media · Project Management · Digital Project Management · Analytical Skills · Team Management · Management · Interpersonal Skills · Team Leadership · Problem Solving
adidas Football Projects
Road to Lisbon 2004
Following my initial work for the UEFA Champions League Final Ballboys competition, this presented my first major project at adidas where I took a major supporting role in providing digital marketing solutions as part of the marketing mix. The advert below was produced by 180 Amsterdam, part of the 180/TBWA alliance. I worked with the creative agency Neue Digitale to produce advertising banners and relevant microsites.
The effectiveness of this campaign resulted in the sales of adidas-licensed sales of replica jerseys and Euro 2004 jerseys amounting to 2.5 million units.
The Impossible Field 2005
This was my first product marketing campaign, the first that I had taken the lead on and was focused on the new range of Predator football apparel and boots. 
The campaign was anchored by a TV ad and a dramatic dark theme which we carried over into a manga cartoon representation on the microsite. I worked as project lead with Foreign, a Swedish design house that had previously done exceptional work with the adidas Originals brand.
adidas F50 Tunit 2006
The F50 Tunit campaign built upon the original F50 boot of 2004 and F50+ of 2005 and represented an adidas response to the market gap for a lightweight, sleek boot. The innovation of the product meant that it was possible to change the insoles and studs making them highly collectable. Again working with Foreign we developed a concept based on the ATL artwork featuring modular cybernetic-style footballers but making them interactive and driving traffic to the store.
+10 adidas Football Campaign 2006
The run-up to the World Cup 2006 saw adidas launch its most ambitious, and expensive, football-related advertising & marketing campaign to date.  The project leaned slightly away from the "Impossible is Nothing" brand campaign launched in 2004. The focus for this campaign was +10 announcing that the "team comes first" and taking inspiration from the extraordinary victory of Greece in the Euro Final 2004.
The volume of work was extraordinary as we attempted to coordinate launches in-store, online, ATL, and PR utilising a variety of marketing tactics including viral and guerilla. 
+10 Launch Site 2006
Predator Absolute 2006
Impossible Team / +10 Recruitment / National Kits / Official Matchball
Impossible Team Campaign Site
Impossible Team Campaign Site
+10 Recruitment Campaign Site
+10 Recruitment Campaign Site
National Kits Site
National Kits Site
Official Matchball (Teamgeist) Site
Official Matchball (Teamgeist) Site
adidas Rugby Projects
Alongside my work for adidas football, I was also responsible for the Rugby vertical launching and delivering campaigns for the New Zealand All Blacks as well as the British and Irish Lions.
Impact: The Art of Rugby 2003
Beckham vs Wilkinson 2007
British & Irish Lions vs All Blacks: Last Man Standing 2007

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